01 Apr 2021

Home Loan Rates: Our Branch Partnership Innovate Products

Home Loan Rates: Our Branch Partnership Innovate Products


Our innovative spirit at Mortgage House helped us achieve premiere lending status. Now, we are building a branch partnership program to spread our tools and products. Home loan rates are part and parcel of financing a home purchase. For some applicants, the rates add extra pressure. This is one reason why we champion our resourceful products. Here are some to consider.


First Home Buyer

The first home buyer faces the most challenges since they have a short credit history, employment history and small down payment. We offer the ability to process combo loans faster, which gives you access to an additional client simultaneously. The faster processing power allows you to work your way through more loan applications, which increases customer solutions and approvals. 



Investors are an attractive client who has a specific set of financial needs. Our products help you deliver creative investing-based solutions aimed at increasing their portfolio. Through optimised screening, the investor’s borrowing capacity increases. The investor-centric loan options also take into consideration tax implications. You become the investor’s lending partner, and as a Mortgage House representative, your organisation becomes our partner.



Once an individual becomes your client, we help you retain them through various life stages. For example, up to 90% of homeowners plan to renovate their home. Renovations are an additional investment, which often requires financing. Through competitive rates and smart repayment solutions for renovations, we turn you into the applicant’s first financing choice.



More individuals are becoming self-employed, which provides a new opportunity for lending institutions. The self-employed applicant faces challenges because their income is often unpredictable. We help you provide tax-efficient solutions that increase the self-employed applicant’s borrowing capacity. Plus, your staff attains the ability to efficiently assess each applicant as an individual with minimal effort. 


Branch Partnership Conclusion

Our solutions are customised to meet the needs of most applicants. Home loan rates are tacked onto the financing, which increases the applicant’s monthly liability. When you become a member of our branch partnership program, you gain access to our innovative financial products. Then, you pass them on to your clients. For more information, give our Mortgage House team a call, or pre-register online.

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