10 Apr 2021

Home Loan Experts: Mortgage House Serves the Australian Market

Home Loan Experts: Mortgage House Serves the Australian Market

Applying for a mortgage is an intense process that requires time, commitment, and documentation. So, it’s important to work with home loan experts who are going to value your time and effort. Our technology-driven proprietary tools set us apart from our peers. We have the ability to assess each applicant in a timely manner. Plus, we work with you to find a loan that suits your financial circumstances. Here are three things that differentiate Mortgage House.


We are an award-winning non-bank lender. We have earned industry awards as well as customer accolades. In 2018, we won a Product Review Award for our home loans. In 2017, we received an Outstanding Value 5 Star Rating for variable rate – owner-occupied. 


We have longevity on our side. In 1986, Mortgage House opened its doors as a mortgage broker. In 2010, we had 30 loan centers under our belt. Today, we continue moving forward with our mission to tailor financial products to the needs of every client.

Management Team

Mortgage House opened over 30 loan centers because we are led by an innovative and future-focused management team. We offer an inventory of online tools that help our clients see potential scenarios based on varying criteria. Our online calculators are free to use and have no strings attached.

Home Loan Experts Conclusion

There is plenty of opportunity in the Australian housing market for future and current homeowners. There is also a lot to gain for investors. To hop aboard the train, contact our Mortgage House team, home loan experts.

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