Who we are

We are proudly different. From our humble beginnings back in 1986, we recognised the limitations of the loan and mortgage finance market.

With this knowledge we chose a path that ensured a continued focus on being competitive with our rates, offering diversity with our products and providing a level of customer service simply unheard of in the industry.

Mortgage House Mission

Quite simply, we strive to provide loan, product and service outcomes tailored to the exact needs of every client.

We do this through:

  • Actively listening to our customers’ needs – not what we think their needs may be
  • Always identifying the best loan and mortgage finance products and options for each customer
  • Providing on-going support throughout the life of the loan
  • Engaging our specialist technology to ensure a simple and seamless process for the customer
  • Providing the customer all the tools, knowledge and experience that Mortgage House can provide.
Today we are a home loan mortgage lender in our own right. We have the knowledge, experience and competitive advantage to develop, tailor and diversify our loan and mortgage products to better service our customers. With more than 100 business and industry awards for excellence across product, technology and customer service – we are proud to say we continue to be successful in our market.
Over 30 Mortgage House Home Loan Centres around Australia.
Became a Mortgage Lender (launched our own funding program, giving us full flexibility in creating and delivering our own loans)
First retail Home Loan Centre opened (Mortgage House Blacktown)
Became a Mortgage Manager / Mortgage Originator (had our own branded loans which we managed throughout the term and commenced our Customer Service operation)
Mortgage House commenced operations as a Mortgage Broker

Our Management Team

Mortgage Management Team

Ken Sayer

Founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Ken brings 30 years of financial experience to Mortgage House. From currency trading to commercial leasing, Ken has extensive knowledge of loan and mortgage products and the financial industry overall.

In 1997, Ken identified a clear need in the Australian mortgage industry for an alternative lending option to the big banks and Mortgage House was born. Today, Mortgage House has become a genuine banking alternative and a major provider of home loans to the Australian public. With his team, Ken grew Mortgage House 300 per cent between 1998 and 2004 – a remarkable achievement given this was during the Global Financial Crisis (GFC).


Our Recent Awards

Mortgage Award
Product Review Awards Finance - Home Loan Winner
Mortgage Award
Outstanding Value 5 Star Rating Variable Rate - Owner Occupied
Mortgage Award
Outstanding Value 4 Star Rating Essentials 80
Mortgage Award
Outstanding Value 4 Star Rating Advantage Home Loan 80
Mortgage Award
Outstanding Value 3 Star Rating Advantage Fixed 1 yr 100-749k
Mortgage Award
Outstanding Value 3 Star Rating Inv Advantage Fixed 1 yr 100-749k

Our Belief

Our fundamental goal is to provide an accessible service that allows more Australians to secure the dream of home ownership. While we understand this is becoming increasingly difficult to achieve, we have established our operations, products and services to ensure our customers have the greatest chance of success.

From our proprietary technology that allows our customers an easy and seamless path through the complicated home loan process, to our competitive rates and end-to-end customer service – we have completely changed the traditional loan model.

As an actual lender, we have also developed existing and created new loan and mortgage products and services that can be tailored to your exact needs.

With this combination of benefits, you can be assured Mortgage House can help you.

What Sets Us Apart From Our Competitors?

First and foremost, it is our genuine desire to provide a solution that really does meet the needs of our customers. While easier said than done for many, we have established our business and our business practices to do just this.

We differ from our competitors through three fundamental areas of operation.

  1. We provide a wide range of tailored, flexible and competitive rates, loan and mortgage products. We listen and understand what our customers want and develop appropriate products and solutions for them.
  2. We make the process easy! Through our proprietary technology and processes, we have made the application process safe, secure and seamless.
  3. We provide a level of end-to-end customer care few lenders can provide – or even imagine! More importantly, our people are highly-skilled so will take you every step of the journey and be with you for the life of your loan.