25 Feb 2021

Home Loan Calculator: A Tool to Avoid Overspending Money

Home Loan Calculator: A Tool to Avoid Overspending Money



Individuals vying to purchase a home no longer go into the process blind. The number of tools available online help all individuals see the bigger picture. A home loan calculator helps a future applicant play with several numbers. Then, you can figure out how much you can borrow without overspending.

Home Loan Calculator

The home loan calculator consists of several elements. Our calculator has three categories – loan details, annual net income and monthly expenses. Under each category, a user enters several inputs like interest rate and loan period. Personal expenses, credit card repayments and additional net income are others. The goal is to grasp a realistic picture on two fronts. First is the cost to purchase a home. Second is the applicant’s financial health and status.

Lenders exist to help the public achieve their financial goals like buying a house. Lenders are balancing risk, too. In some situations, an applicant tries to overreach. The solution is to manage expectations and borrow responsibly.

An applicant who has $5,000 in monthly expenses and $100,000 in net annual income receives a borrowing amount. In this case, the amount comes just under $588,000. Then, the repayment terms are outlined. Over a 30-year period at 4%, the monthly repayment amount is about $2,800. As the inputs change, the outputs change as well. To get a realistic picture, be as honest as possible during this exercise.


Additional Calculator Features

The home loan calculator has additional features that paint a complete picture. Number of dependents, partner’s net income and joint application are some. As you explore all the features, you can take away worthwhile feedback. You may realize that your monthly expenses are high. Then, you can take action to reduce them especially if you have already accumulated debt. It is a good idea to buy a house on solid financial footing.


Avoid Overspending on a Mortgage

A home is an important purchase, and lenders do not take it lightly. Going through the home buying process has several hoops because a house is a significant investment. Repaying a mortgage successfully requires a level head. Some applicants qualify to borrow an amount that exceeds the price of the home. This presents a conundrum. You can take more than you need, but need to remember the repayment parameters. The total home loan requires on time and consistent repayment.

During the home buying process, it is a good idea to avoid overspending. You can purchase a home with five bedrooms, but is that much home really necessary? The point is to take into consideration that the future is not always certain. As 2020 showed, the unexpected can happen. All individuals should have a rainy day fund. There are times when the rainy day fund can go dry. 


Home Loan Calculator Conclusion

A home loan calculator is one of many tools we offer our clients at Mortgage House. For more information about our services, we are here to help.

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