20 Apr 2021

Flood Affected Properties: Liveable Home or Good Investment?

What is a toggle offset loan?

A housing market is made up of existing homes. There are also distressed homes and houses that are going to be built. The market presents opportunity in all circumstances. If you are a first-time home buyer, you may not consider flood affected properties. If you are an investor, you may see an opportunity. It depends on your goal and perspective. If you lean into this property, there are some things to consider.

Is it a Lost Cause?

Homes near rivers and streams may experience low-lying flooding. In the flat land areas of Australia, flooding can spread over several kilometers for extended periods of time. Those locations receive flood warnings well ahead of time. In the mountain and coastal regions, sudden floods have occurred. Do geological realities mean homes in those areas are a lost cause? Not necessarily.

Nature and Humans

Nature is unpredictable. Every region experiences its own harsh weather or environmental conditions. A property affected by a flood could have been a one-time occurrence. Now, it’s an investment opportunity. If you are a creative investor or entrepreneur, Mortgage House works with clients like you. Our goal is to help you capture the opportunity.

The property may require cleanup, a new coat of paint and a renovation of the interior. If it hits the market at a discount, you can turn it around. You can also decide to keep it for yourself and call it home.

Flood Affected Properties Conclusion

It’s important to examine the condition of flood affected properties before signing a contract. When the property poses an opportunity, we offer competitive home loan interest rates. For more information, contact our lending specialists.


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