29 Jun 2021

Can I Apply for a Home Loan With Two Banks?


Yes, technically, you can apply for a home loan with two different banks. However, it can affect your credit history, making you look like a risky borrower and decreasing your chances of securing a home loan at all. 


How does applying with different banks affect my credit score?

Every time you apply for a loan, whether it is a home loan, personal loan, or car loan, the lender will run a credit check. This credit check will show up on your credit file, allowing future lenders to see these credit checks whether or not you are approved for the loan. If you apply for a loan with different lenders in short succession, this will raise red flags with future lenders. Lots of loan applications will be interpreted by prospective lenders as loan rejections, causing you to be labelled a risky borrower. 


What should I do instead?

Instead of applying for a home loan with different banks, research the loan options available to you. Consider their terms, features, eligibility, and other criteria to determine which lender best fits your needs. Not only should the loan fit your needs, but you should also meet the eligibility requirements outlined by the lender. If the loan matches your needs and you meet the requirements, apply with just that lender because you have a higher chance of getting approved. 


You should also work with a mortgage broker. The brokers at Mortgage House can help strengthen your loan application, improving your approval chances while also helping you find a loan best suited for you. We can help you compare loan terms, interest rates, and application qualifications to determine which lenders are an excellent fit for you. 


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