13 Apr 2021

Best Rate Home Loan: Managing Expectations


Every loan applicant hopes to receive the most favourable terms and interest rate. Well-qualified applicants can demand the best rates because they pose little to no risk. The average applicant is encouraged to manage their expectations. Our Mortgage House method guides us and assesses every application on a case by cases basis. We do our best to deliver the best rate home loan to all of our clients. Here are some things to consider.

Credit History

Lenders take a look at every loan applicant’s credit history. Lenders are in the business of financing. They are also in the business of assessing risk. More specifically, the goal is to minimise risk. Well-qualified applicants can almost write their own checks. For the rest, credit history determines the credit future. 

Current Debt

Applicants who already carry a significant debt load pose a risk. Acquiring the best rate loan becomes a challenge because debt already exists. Lenders often advise these candidates to lower their existing debt. It takes a load off their shoulders and makes future loans more manageable to repay. 

Current Expenses

Current expenses play a role, too. Individuals apply for loans because they need the financing for a specific purpose. It’s also important to practice fiscal responsibility. Debt can easily turn into a burden that spins out of control. To receive a favourable loan, lower current expenses. It’s possible to acquire a loan, but if current debt and expenses are high, the interest rate is likely to be higher.

Best Rate Home Loan Conclusion

If you want to figure out what your best rate home loan offer looks like, try our online tools including our mortgage repayment calculator. Then, contact our Mortgage House and schedule a consultation with our home loan experts.

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