13 Oct 2017

7 Things You Should be Doing at an Open House

preparing for open house

So you’ve been house hunting for a while and shortlisting the most appealing properties for an inspection. But in your quest to find your dream home, don’t forget to take these measures at an open house.

Don’t get distracted

It’s easier than you think to get carried away by the sometimes professionally styled minimalist interiors. As you will only be getting the bare rooms, picture yourself and your belongings in the rooms instead. That will give you an idea whether there is enough space for all your stuff.

Check the ceilings

You could be so taken up by what’s on display that you may miss looking up – at the ceilings. Any signs of damp, mould or cracks are early warning signs of structural damage which you may have to pay to fix later on.  

Don’t miss the details

While walking through someone else’s home, it’s important to look past the furniture and art on the wall and take a closer look at, for example, squeaky floorboards concealed under the carpet, lack of wired fire alarms or built-in wardrobes that don’t shut properly. You might also want to check which part of the house faces north and is there enough sunlight and ventilation.

Ask a lot of questions

The real estate agent on site is a fountain of information so make sure you ask as many questions as possible. You could ask about the approximate council rates or strata fees, the age of the property, what’s the estimated price range – if it’s an auction. That will arm you with information to help you make a decision.

Visit at different times of the day

It can be very exciting once you’ve found the house that ticks all the boxes. You want to tread carefully with what could potentially be a lifelong commitment. Take your time and visit the property at different times of the day. You might be surprised how quiet it was while viewing the house on a Saturday but realise how noisy it can be mid-week with the traffic driving past outside.

Explore your neighbourhood

Park your car close to the new place and take a stroll around the block like you were living there. It will give you a sense of the neighbourhood, your local park, the closest bus stop or convenience store and you may even bump into your future neighbours.

Get a building and pest inspection

There’s nothing worse than moving in and then discovering that you have a termite infestation or that the roof extension is so old it has asbestos sheeting. These could be expensive oversights and it’s best to organise a professional building and pest inspection before you sign the dotted line.

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