22 Sep 2016

5 Ways You Can Redirect Funds to Your Mortgage

Redirect Funds to Your Mortgage

Paying off a mortgage on time (or even ahead of schedule) is like anything else when it comes to your personal finances: It’s about solid budgeting, good habits and a little discipline.

However, what if you have the discipline but you’re short on ideas? There are many ways to save small sums of money habitually, but not everyone knows how. These small sums add up over time, and often faster than you’d expect.

The human brain is geared towards immediate satisfaction, so money-saving habits are hard to stick to. But if you can stick to these 5 ways to save money, you might find yourself paying off your mortgage sooner than expected:

1. Grocery shopping after you’ve eaten

If you’re hungry and you’re grocery shopping, you’ll be far more likely to buy snacks and extras you don’t actually need. Work out exactly what you need for the week ahead, only shop when you’re full and stick to your food budget. This habit will also help you to eat healthier and waste less.

2. Using streaming services over cable

A service like Netflix is cheaper than cable, and far more convenient / usable. If you’re still on cable, consider switching to a streaming service for the convenience and budgetary relief.

3. Using cash instead of cards

Using cash to buy things is far more psychologically difficult than using your card. Parting with cash hurts a little more, and shows you in a very real way that your money is disappearing. Set yourself “mini-budgets” with cash and stick to them. It can do wonders to constantly be reminded of how much you have left (and how much you’re sinking into those extra coffees).

4. Getting creative with temperature regulation

Instead of blasting the heater or air-conditioner, get creative. When you HAVE to use them, close the doors to every room that isn’t being inhabited.

Heaters and air-conditioners use a lot of power, so being conservative with your usage of them can save you a lot of money on your power bills.

5. Using a budget calculator

Budgeting effectively has as much to do with keeping track as it does habit-forming. It’s imperative to change your habits to save money, but it’s equally important to be on top of where the money’s going.

You can use Mortgage House’s budget calculator to help with that.

Mortgage House

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