14 Jun 2021

Will you Accept High Density Apartments as Security for a Loan?

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High-density apartments have caught on as a housing option in Australia. They support a growing population and offer local governments an attractive tax revenue stream. Plus, the dense population supports local and surrounding businesses. 

In 2018, a study showed that accommodations in Australian cities became squeezed. The answer was multi-unit apartment buildings that allowed more Australians to live in urban environments. Multi-unit buildings decrease government infrastructure costs, attract new employers, and increase popular values.

When Mortgage House considers this collateral to secure a mortgage loan, we complete our due diligence. There are many benefits the property provides from an investing point of view. We consider market saturation, future property value forecasts, and economic situation. Interest rates and property values fluctuate following government regulations and unforeseen circumstances.

We aim to ensure that the multi-unit building will maintain most of its current value. Our team looks at its current condition, existing competitors, and financial status. Location, size, and current zoning for the property play a role, too. After we complete our due diligence, we go over our findings with you. Based on our data, we take the property as collateral, or we’ll offer alternative solutions.

High-density Apartments Conclusion

Mortgage House will accept high-density apartments as collateral to secure a mortgage loan. Our loan specialists still go through the normal application process with each applicant. They also cover current home loan rates. Then, we’ll take a look at the property presented as collateral. Once we complete our due diligence, we’ll deliver an answer. Our team offers solutions based on your goals and financial situation.


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