22 May 2021

Why Buying the Second and Subsequent Properties Becomes Easier

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The first hurdle to owning a property is getting through the application process. Thereafter, you’ve established your financial history with the lender. Your relationship with the lender is strengthened when you establish a positive payment history. If your goal is to purchase a second property, it becomes far easier the second time around.

The mortgage loan application is indeed long and detailed. A lender has a duty to its employees and they must make wise investments so that the company’s doors remain open. The best way to keep the doors open is to work with applicants that pay back their financing. 

A house in the Australian housing market begins to build equity as soon as the property’s value is higher than the outstanding mortgage amount. The difference between the two values equals equity. Equity can be used as collateral against the purchase of a second property. Lenders couple the equity and your current financial status in their determination. They also take into consideration your business relationship.

The beauty with buying the next investment property from your mortgage provider is the tenant & the Australian tax office helps make those mortgage repayments for you.

Buying a second property is easier because trust has been established. If your financial situation does take an unexpected turn, the lender may be able to work with your property’s equity and your financial history. Refinancing becomes an option and so do other short-term solutions such as bridging loans.

Buying a Second Property Conclusion

Individuals interested in buying a second property can contact Mortgage House for more information. We know that more lenders are going to compete for your business. We’re confident that you’ll find our loan terms and options attractive.

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