21 Jun 2021

What Happens if I Suspend My Direct Debit Authority?

Remortgaging in 2021

A lender sets up a direct debit authority when they agree to lend you the fund to purchase a home. As you sign the paperwork, you provide the account information. A lender approves your mortgage because they believe in your creditworthiness. To ensure that payments arrive on time, you provide your preferred payment method. A direct debit authority simplifies the payment process. Once it’s verified, there’s nothing else that you need to do; just ensure that the funds are in the account on your payment date.

One of the documents included in your mortgage contract packet is the preferred repayment method. It’s one more contract between you and the lender. If you decide to suspend the payment method, provide an alternative. You’ll receive a new form where you’ll note the new payment method information. It’s a contract that grants the lender permission to withdraw the funds. The form also helps them ensure that they have the correct information.

Your mortgage repayment method is important; it impacts other loans, such as the car loan. The automatic payment is something that gives the lender confidence in your financial stability. Lenders are risk-averse, so they want to ensure that all the ducks are in a row. 

Over a 30-year period, changes are bound to occur. You might decide to change banks or upgrade your bank account. If this happens, get in touch with the lender and give them the new information.

Direct Debit Authority Conclusion

The Australian government financial agencies afford you the right to set up and cancel a direct debit authority anytime. If you cancel it for your monthly mortgage repayment, the lender will ask you to provide another method. For Mortgage House clients, we go over acceptable payment forms. 


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