10 Jun 2021

What Do I Do to Have My Home Loan Rate Reviewed?

How to Get a Good Home Loan Rate When You Have Bad Credit

The mortgage application process requires time, patience, and organisation. Since there are so many moving parts, most applicants don’t take the extra time to comparison shop. Comparison shopping on interest rates and loan terms is recommended because it forces lenders to compete for your business. 

If your time is limited, it makes sense that you’re happy to go with the first lender that gets your application through the various departments. First-time homebuyers can gauge their financial stability by using one of our Mortgage House calculators. Financial stability determines the risk level of each applicant.

As a first-time buyer,  you might be happy to be approved for a mortgage at all. So, you take the interest rate that the lender offers you. After a few years, your financial situation should improve. You might raise your credit score and start earning more income. If you’re making all your payments on time, asking for a home loan rate review makes you a fiscally responsible homeowner.

To start a review, call your lender. It helps if you keep your loan specialist’s contact information handy. This way you can speak with your contact to get the ball moving. You’ll be asked for your current financial information and supporting documentation. Then you’ll be guided further.

Home Loan Rate Review Conclusion

At Mortgage House, we’re happy to conduct a home loan rate review when our clients ask for one. Home loan interest rates change. Plus, it allows us to improve your loan terms. Plus, it allows us to ensure that you currently have the best loan product.


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