15 Mar 2021

Types of Insurance

Types of Insurance

Financial companies sell many products. Outside of financial products, many financial companies also sell insurance. Most people think of insurance in terms of covering them in terms of doctor visits or car accidents. There are many types of insurance that can help you. 


Life insurance is a contract with a company to provide benefits to a beneficiary when a certain event happens to the insured. The insured will generally purchase a policy which guarantees benefits to a person who the insured names. The purpose of life insurance is that if some major event happens to the insured, the beneficiary is provided for financially. 


If you are employed and become unable to work due to a disability, it can mean tragedy for your family. Disability insurance can provide financial help to your family if you become disabled. This is clearly about preparation. Your family needs you to keep bringing in income even if you cannot work.


Financial companies can help you with more than just investments. Financial companies can help protect your family in case of a tragedy. These circumstances require preparation and talking to your financial advisor can help you prepare.


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