07 Aug 2021

Should You Get Multiple Pre-approvals?

Interest Only Home Loan: Understanding the Basics

A home purchase is a 30-year investment. You’re going to repay the value of the home and the interest rate charged by the lender. A few fees cause the financing to increase another few thousand dollars. 

During the application process, complete your due diligence. Gauging the offers different lenders may make to you helps you shop around. If they know that you’re going to shop for deals, it might motivate them to offer the best loan terms.

It’s tempting to procure multiple pre-approvals. However, it goes against you. More specifically, it goes against your credit report. Each time a lender checks on your financial status, it leaves a mark. It seems like lenders are checking on your payment history and rejecting it.

Instead of submitting multiple applications, beef up your financial position. Then search for the lender that will give you the loan terms you seek. A great way to understand your financial situation is to use a home loan calculator. 

The Mortgage House loan calculator includes several fields and pieces of information. It allows you to see your potential monthly repayment based on current income, expenses, and outstanding debts.

Multiple Pre-approvals for Home Purchase Conclusion

For a home purchase, you only need one loan. It makes sense to have lenders compete for your business, especially if you’re well-qualified. Obtaining multiple pre-approvals goes against you. A great way to assess your potential loan offers is to use our Mortgage House online home loan calculator. Our loan specialists offer more information.

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