30 Apr 2021

Residential Property in Commercial/Industrial Zoning and Financing

Residential property in commercial/industrial zoning poses a conundrum for those who need to finance it. Zoning laws override the nature of a property. Lenders must abide by those rules. The dwelling may not qualify for a residential loan even though you are going to live on the property.


Let’s take a look at zoning and real estate properties.


Understanding Zoning


Entrepreneurs who enter the real estate game must do their homework. You might find prime property in an odd place. Understanding zoning and real estate terms helps you navigate the next steps. 

Zoning impacts a property’s intended use. The property could have been repurposed decades back, but the owners didn’t notify the proper government agency. Nonetheless, if the property speaks to you, you have to work within its current zoning parameters.


Zoning Implications


A property’s zone directly impacts its governing regulations. Four zoning categories are residential, agriculture, and commercial as well as industrial. Fines and other implications can be levied against property owners who step outside the assigned zone. 


It gets messy for those who want to secure a residential loan but the property is zoned for another purpose.  Whenever possible, it’s best to secure a residential loan. They are more affordable and provide a lower interest rate than the commercial.


Zone Changes 


If you know who to talk to, zones can change. It takes effort to accomplish this task. If the property is that important to you, it’s worth a try. Find out when the next zoning meeting takes place. Organise your documents and attend the meeting. State your case and wait for a ruling.


Residential Property in Commercial/Industrial Zoning Conclusion


Residential property in commercial/industrial zoning poses some challenges if you require financing. It is possible to overcome them. Determine if the property is worth the effort. If you require financing, work with a lender like us and hash out the details. At Mortgage House, we partner with clients in these situations. Contact us for more information. We also offer business loan products.

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