30 Apr 2021

Multiple Dwellings on a Single Title and Mortgage Financing

Multiple dwellings on a single title pose an interesting investment opportunity for entrepreneurs. It’s important to assess the risks as well as the potential. Multiple dwellings mean a significant income stream if all units are at 100% capacity. They also require comparable maintenance and financing. Keeping in mind that multiple dwellings are an attractive revenue generator, let’s look at other things to consider.

What are Multiple Dwellings on One Title?

Multiple dwellings are known as multi-family residential housing, too. Multiple housing units sit within one building. There may also be several buildings within one complex. The definition is important for lenders. Different property types qualify for their own kind of financing. Restrictions exist based on risk and ownership. These properties receive between 60% to 95% financing of the value. So, you make up the rest on your own.

Risks to Consider

It’s good to know the risks because the lenders incorporate them into their decisions, too. A building at 100% capacity means there is more traffic on-site. This leads to more maintenance costs. On the other hand, vacancies pose potential financial hardships. 

Location is an important factor. You might be comfortable with procuring a property outside a city. If you plan to sell, buyers could be far and between.

Purchase Tips

Real estate industry insiders recommend procuring a multiple-dwelling property in an area that has at least 5,000 residents. When you rent each unit, you must thoroughly assess each application. A building with little to no vacancies requires more care. Responsible tenants lower the need for maintenance. 

Take into consideration the property’s potential resale value, too. Getting stuck with an investment no one else appreciates is not ideal.

Multiple Dwellings on a Single Title Conclusion

Every real estate investment poses its own set of risks. Multiple dwellings on a single title are no exception. To find out your mortgage choice options, contact our Mortgage House lending team. We are ready to walk through the details with you.  

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