10 Apr 2021

Line of Credit: 3 Things to Know about this Finance Instrument

Line of Credit: 3 Things to Know about this Finance Instrument


Well-qualified applicants can utilise a line of credit to their advantage. Homeowners whose property has accrued equity can request a line, too. This credit has very few restrictions and a lot of benefits. It can be used to fund a renovation, expansion, or a child’s education. In many ways, the sky’s the limit. Here are three things you should know about this financial instrument.

Funds are Accessible

A line of credit is an account. Once it’s established, you have access to the funds immediately. If you do not need the money, it sits in the account. When your application is approved, you find out the amount that is placed in reserve, which is known as the credit limit. The funds can remain dormant without any penalties. You can shut down the account at any time as long as it’s in good standing.  

Interest Charge

If you were approved for $50,000, you only incur an interest charge when the account falls below the credit limit in any given statement cycle. When the account is established, your paperwork contains that information. If the account is full and dormant, you do not incur an interest charge. 

Continuous Stream of Funds

Individuals establish a line of credit as an emergency fund. Others use the account to fund investments. In any case, this is a continuous stream of funds that are available to you. Once any outstanding amount is paid back, the funds become available again.

Line of Credit Conclusion

A line of credit is a convenient account that provides peace of mind in case of an emergency. If you opt for a secured line, your home is used as collateral. Lines of credit can be used for business purposes, which is similar to a business loan. For more information, get in touch with our Mortgage House team. 

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