20 Jun 2021

I’ve Sold My House, What’s the Next Step?

Selling a home ranks up there with buying a house. It’s a long process that requires commitment, time, and organisation. Once you have sold my house on the Australian housing market, you’ll feel a sense of relief; just like when a home purchase closes. In both cases, there are still steps to complete afterward.

The following are three steps to take after your home sells.

Organise the Paperwork

When your home sells, there are still a few more steps before the deal closes. The following steps help close the deal. After a buyer agrees to purchase your home, they have a cool-off period and a couple of days to complete a home inspection. In that time period, organise all your paperwork. 

If a broker represents the homebuyer, they’ll deliver the contracts and deadlines. It’s important to read all documents or have a legal representative read them on your behalf. Stay on top of all deadlines too.

The paperwork shows upgrades you made to the home. You’ll also need the information for your taxes.

Prepare for the Home Inspection

Some homebuyers take their new home as-is and skip the home inspection. Others bring in a professional to assess the property. Do your best to make the inspection easy. Some deals fall apart at this point, so if there are doubts about the quality of the house, be ready to answer questions.

Get Paid

After the home inspection, the homebuyer receives a few days to sign their documents. If they don’t reject the deal, the property is theirs. The ball jumps back into your court. Show up for the closing date and time to hand over the keys. 

Get Ready to Move

Before you hand over the keys, be sure that you’re ready to move. Pack your items and schedule a moving service promptly.

Sold My House Conclusion

Once you’ve sold my house, you’re on your way to handing over the keys and moving out. During the time between the sale agreement and closing date, organise your documents, prepare for the home inspection, and get ready to hand over the keys so you can get paid.

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