21 May 2021

How to Profit from Inflation

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The Australian economy has weathered extreme storms that go from one of the spectra to the other. One end of the spectrum is inflation. During inflation, a consumer’s purchasing power decreases because prices increase. Some consumers are greatly impacted as they continue to make due by cutting in some areas and increasing spending in others.

Creative individuals have found that they can profit from inflation. It takes some risk and a lot of confidence, but they have shown that it’s possible to come out on top.

The following are two ways to profit during a period of inflation.

Commodity Investing

Investing in tangible assets such as commodities is one way to hedge against inflation and profit. Commodities are raw materials. These materials are used to create products before they hit the market. Commodities include metals, food, and energy. 

You’re locking in the current price of the commodity knowing that it’s going to increase. Once the prices reach the peak, you can sell before it drops back down.

Real Estate 

A popular way to profit during a period of inflation is to take the real estate investment route. This tactic allows you to lock in an interest rate before it increases. Once interest rates signal that they are about to fall back down, sell the home for a profit.

Those who are simply searching for a home to live in do themselves a favour by getting into the market before rates go up too high. The higher the rate, the higher the monthly repayment amount.

Profit from Inflation Conclusion

To profit from inflation, your goal is to lock in a price or home loan rates before they continue to increase. Once prices and interest rates hit their peak, your goal is to sell and reap your profit. If you’re interested in using real estate as a hedge against inflation, get in touch with Mortgage House.


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