17 May 2021

How to Negotiate the Best Home Loan Rates

How to Get the Best Interest Only Home Loan Rate

Many first-time homebuyers are not aware that you can negotiate mortgage terms. However, to negotiate for the best rate possible, you need to compare loan terms. If you have good credit and a good finances, shopping around and comparing rates can help you find the best lender. Here are a few ways to negotiate:


Compare rates

The first step in rate comparison is obtaining an estimate from each potential lender. Once you receive the quote, you can compare the interest rates, settlement costs, required deposits and other fees that the lender may include. Tallying up all these costs can help you identify the lender with the most competitive loans. Remember that a lender with the lowest upfront rate might not be the cheapest option. 


Ask a lender to match the rate.

If your bank does not have the cheapest rate, ask if they can match it. Banks have some rate flexibilities, and if you already have a relationship with the bank, they may be able to offer a lower rate than they initially offered.


Enhance your application

Having a solid application can make you a desirable borrower for many lenders, which can help you leverage lower rates. If you are in good financial standing, more lenders will want your business. Three ways to enhance your application are:

  • Raising your credit score
  • Saving for a larger deposit
  • Paying off debts 


These methods can take time, but if you are not in a rush to purchase a house, they can lower your rate.


Hire a broker

Instead of negotiating with banks yourself, you can hire a broker. Brokers can compare all the loan terms from each lender and find the best rate, saving you from all the legwork.


If you want to negotiate a lower mortgage, Mortgage House and our team of brokers can help you find the best rate.


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