13 May 2021

How Old Should the House That I Buy Be?

When buying a property, it is important to know the age of the house. It is also important to check if the house needs new repairs due to its age. Older properties tend to be cheaper and separated from newer houses, which is a big upside for many home buyers that want their property separated from the rest. 


Still, homes built after the 1940’s can be lovely, and still be aesthetically please if taken care of properly. However, houses that are older than 70 years old might have some issues down the line. For instance, be aware that these homes might need more care after purchase compared to modern homes. 


It is recommended that most houses are 50 years old or younger when you buy them. Although you still might want to repair it, they tend to be safer and generally already have modern systems integrated onto them by the past owners. 


It is recommended no matter how old the property is that you contact an inspector to check that the home is livable and if any repairs are needed. Make sure that you spend time with the property before you decide to buy it. Check for any structural damages in the rooms and floor of the house, as well.


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