19 May 2021

How Can I Get the Best Results Out of My Mortgage Provider?

What is a family pledge loan?

To receive the best loan possible from your mortgage provider, you must have an application that highlights your value as a borrower supported by the full & unfiltered truth about one’s financial position. You want to apply for loans that fit your needs. Mortgage brokers can find loans you are qualified for and increase the chances of a lender approving your application.



Lenders want to get their money back. When approving loan applications, they want borrowers in a secure financial situation who can repay the debt. Tax returns, payslips and bank statements are the minimum requirements for home loans. However, if you want to boost your standing and improve your value to lenders, it is crucial to understand that lenders also assess the following:


  • Your credit history, including
    • Late accounts and unpaid debts
    • History of bankruptcy
    • Past foreclosures
    • Credit card applications
  • Your income and expenses
  • The size of your deposit
  • The length of your loan term
  • Any collateral (security) property you have in case you cannot keep up with payments
  • Your assets
  • Your employment history


You can improve your chances of receiving a favourable loan by paying your bills on time, not spending outside your means and having steady employment.


Mortgage House and our Brokers

Mortgage House is a non-bank lender whose team of brokers specialises in home loans. Working with a broker is important because banks may also consider past denied loan applications when assessing your value. Instead of randomly choosing which lenders to apply with, brokers can help you find the lenders and loans where your situation may reflect favourably, resulting in a loan that has the best terms and rates.

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