04 Aug 2021

Holistic Case-by-Case Assessment

How to Get the Best Interest Only Home Loan Rate

Nobody knows your current financial situation better than you do. At Mortgage House, we don’t believe in excluding someone from a home loan just because their financial history doesn’t line up with traditional lending criteria. When you apply with us, we work with you to fully understand your current and past situations. Our holistic case-by-case assessment allows us to find you the perfect loan for you and your needs and wants. 


From the start, we will sit down with you as you detail your needs, wants, and plans. Then, we will look at your financial history. If we see any black marks or defaults on your credit history, we will ask detailed questions to understand what events in your life caused you to miss repayments. Next, we will go over all your income documentation. We will look at payslips, bank statements, and tax returns to get a complete picture of how you’re doing financially. 


Once our assessment is complete, we will sit down with you and discuss your loan options. We want more Australians to own their dream home, which is why we take our assessment process seriously. We want to make sure we understand your situation so we don’t leave you with a loan you can’t afford to repay. In addition, because we know the importance of homeownership, we don’t want to deny you a loan when you can afford to make repayments. 


At Mortgage House, our mission is to provide our customers with home loans that meet their needs while keeping their best interests in mind. So when you work with us during the mortgage process, you will have peace of mind knowing the products we offer you meet your needs. 


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