11 Aug 2017

How to Ensure Your Home Loan Application Isn’t Turned Down

Home Loan Application Approved

Applying for a home loan (or any kind of personal loan) takes a lot of consideration. A loan typically involves a large amount of money, and if your application is accepted, you’ll have entered a contractual agreement to pay it back in a timely fashion.

But while most people put a lot of thought into what will happen after their home loan is accepted, it’s less common to consider the consequences of a rejected home loan.

And that can be dangerous, because every rejected home loan is listed on your credit file. These rejections can be red flags for future lenders, so it’s vital to ensure that your loan application is as complete and compelling as possible before submitting.

Here’s our advice when it comes to minimising the risk of your loan application being turned down:


Before applying for a loan, put yourself in your lender’s shoes. Do some basic calculations and deduce whether or not your current level of income is sufficient to pay off the loan you’re asking for.

The lender will be doing the same calculations, and if the results they find could deter them from accepting the loan, it might be better to refrain from applying in the first place. Some lenders display minimum required wages for particular loans.


When applying for a loan of any kind, it’s important to get every detail right. Double-check, triple-check and quadruple-check your application before submitting it.

If the details of the application are sloppy, there’s a chance you won’t be given the chance to correct them. Your loan could be rejected outright, leading to a permanent red flag on your credit history.

Credit history

There are many ways your credit history can be damaged, so it’s important to check your credit rating before submitting an application for a loan and potentially making things worse.

Your credit rating can take a hit for more reasons than one. Even if you’ve never defaulted on a loan, we still advise checking your credit rating before submitting your application.

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