26 Jun 2021

Do I Need a 10% Buffer?

Lenders are conservative because they want loan recipients to succeed financially. They’ll lend 80% of the value needed to purchase a property in SMSF if the lender believes the investor can comfortably afford it. It’s a risk for both parties to lend an amount that borders on questionable.

The home loan lender recoups most of its costs because they sell the property and pick up the proceeds. A SMSF investor, on the other hand, damages their credit and loses their place to sleep. When you’re searching for a property, you should already know how much you can afford. Our Mortgage House mortgage repayment calculator offers some valuable insight.

After you input numbers into the various spots, you’ll see the loan amount you’re likely to be offered by a mortgage lender. To paint a more realistic picture, add 10% income buffering  depending on your outlook on life. That 10% gives you your buffer and safety.

The 10% buffer is the amount that acts as leverage against inflation, deflation, and an emergency. If it adds a burden, lower the amount you’d like to borrow instead. If you’re a first-time SMSF investor, it’s a lucrative long term investment with tremendous long term tax incentives.

Do I Need a 10% Buffering for SMSF Conclusion

When it comes to finances, real estate, and homeownership, a 10% buffer is your friend. It’s an indirect rainy day fund, your income drops, or an unexpected repair becomes necessary. Mortgage House loan specialists work in the buffer to help clients understand how much home they can truly afford.



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