07 Apr 2021

Construction Loans: Mortgage House Branch Representative Benefit

Construction Loans: Mortgage House Branch Representative Benefits


Lenders that finance home purchases usually only deal with mortgages and residential home loans. As a Mortgage House branch representative, you expand your product offerings as well as client base. A homeowner is a client ready to go through additional financing milestones such as refinancing, renovation and construction. So, construction loans round out a solid product portfolio. The following are benefits to consider.

Gain New Customers

Studies show that gaining new customers is more expensive than retaining existing clients. By diversifying your company’s financial product offerings, you grow your business with the existing client base. Adding construction loans to the repertoire allows you to gain new customers through our business relationship and word of mouth instead of advertising. A residential home buyer is a client with potential for more, and the construction loan client is rare and extremely valuable.

Stay in the Loop

Branch representatives for Mortgage House spend more time servicing new clients rather-than completing administrative work. Construction loan requests come by less often. Plus, they are administrative-heavy. As our partner, we handle the administrative tasks and keep you in the loop every step of the way. You are the face that provides customer service while we complete the behind-the-scenes work.

Increase Borrowing Capacity

Our innovative tools are designed to maximise borrowing capacity at competitive interest rates. The lower the rate, the more the applicant can borrow. Construction loans fund large projects, which means a sizeable payout for your company even at lower rates. We work with the client’s budget and requirements or terms they are seeking.

Construction Loans Conclusion

Mortgage House branch representatives benefit from the business partnership on several levels. Access to competitive rates for construction loans is one. Maintaining this client is another. We also offer several online tools such as mortgage repayment calculators with no strings attached. To learn more about this opportunity, contact our team or pre-register online.

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