01 Apr 2021

Case by Case Solutions: Helping Clients Achieve Financial Goals through Refinancing

Case by Case Solutions: Helping Clients Achieve Financial Goals through Refinancing


The lending and financing industry received a facelift over the last decade. Technology and software altered the way loan applicants are evaluated. Although tech makes it easy to automate the evaluation process, we offer case by case solutions for applicants seeking a refinance home loan and other products, too. As a branch representative for Mortgage House, you receive access to super-low rates and other products. Let’s explore the benefits our refinancing loans offer your clients.


Competitive Rates

Applicants understand that their repayment includes the principal amount borrowed and the interest rate charge. Offering competitive rates delivers a competitive edge because the refinancing becomes more affordable. Our Mortgage House products create competitive rates even though we evaluate applications on a case by case basis. Thus, as a partner, your business increases over time.


Multi-Purpose Loan

Home loans are refinanced, but so are car loans, business loans and construction loans. Therefore, our refinancing products are multi-purpose. Once an applicant secures financing through your company, the relationship is starting, not ending. Individuals take on debt more than once in their lifetime for different objectives. We position you to be their first choice when each milestone presents itself.


Changing Circumstances

An individual experiences several financial milestones throughout their life. In the middle of a 30-year mortgage, their circumstances are likely to change. Some may downsize while others decide to upgrade. Regardless of the changes, your company can become their trusted financing source with our solutions and tools.


Case by Case Solutions Conclusion

By treating every client as an individual and offering case by case solutions, their needs are placed ahead of traditional loan requirements. Thanks to the efficiency offered by our proprietary tools, you increase their borrowing capacity at favourable rates. To join our branch partnership program, contact our Mortgage House team, or pre-register online.

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