24 Feb 2021

Looking for a Car Loan? Make Sure You Get These 4 Benefits…

Looking for a Car Loan? Make Sure You Get These 4 Benefits…


When it comes to securing your next car loan, there are common features that everybody is aware of. You want to get the best rate, for example.


But not everybody knows about four key benefits that only premier lenders provide in the ideal car loan.


Here’s what you should be looking for…


  • The Flexibility to Take a Month Off


Flexibility can be key when you’re looking to improve your financial situation or when you need to free cash up. The best car loans come with a fail-safe redraw facility, which means you can take a month off of payments when you’ve already made enough extra repayments to cover a payment period.


  • Ability to Borrow More Than the Price of the Car


The cost of a vehicle isn’t the only expense you need to take care of in order to get out on the road. There’s insurance, on-road costs, and more to consider.


The best lenders will allow qualified applicants to borrow more than the price of the car, which allows them to take care of those auxiliary costs with the money included in the car loan.


  • 24-Hour Approvals


Let’s say you’ve just found the perfect car and you’re ready to get it out on the road. Who wants to sit around waiting for days or weeks while the lender takes its time sorting through paperwork?


Look for lenders who, when you have your documents and application ready to go, can get you into that dream car of yours the very same day.


  • Discounts On Bundles


Many of us have both a car loan and a home loan. Why not bundle them together and save?


Premier lenders will offer discounts on home loans or a home refinance once you’ve taken out a personal car loan.

When it’s time to go shopping for the perfect car loan, make sure you get all four of these great benefits.

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