18 Mar 2021

Business Vehicle Options

Business Vehicle Options

What is the solution for your business if your employees need to drive on company time? What if your employee needs a vehicle but can’t get the financing? What if you are self-employed and want to maximise tax deductions? Contact your financial professional because there are many options to maximise your financial benefits when choosing an automobile. 


If your employee needs a vehicle and can’t get the financing, the company can take out the lease and the employee can make the payments. Ask your financial professional about novated leasing. This allows the company to take out the lease on the vehicle and then make a separate agreement with the employee to make the payments. 


If you are self-employed, the need to maximise tax deductions is always at the front of your mind. Ask your financial professional about a balloon payment for your vehicle. A balloon vehicle payment will let you drive the car for a period of time at which time the full price is due. That way, you can drive the car, take advantage of tax deductions and still keep your cash flow high. 


Financial professionals can fill many roles for a business owner. Whether you are self-employed or an employee, don’t let cash flow or financing issues keep you out of a vehicle. There are many options available through financial institutions that can help you get into a vehicle in the name of the business.


Business Vehicle Options

If you want to explore your vehicle purchase options, our Mortgage House financial professionals are ready to help. We can walk you through some scenarios, and you can use our car loan calculator for free.

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