07 Aug 2021

Brief History of AU Banks, Building Societies, Home Loan Providers & Credit Unions that Have Gone Broke in the 75 Years

Every business reaches the point where it has expansion needs that it cannot pay on its own. When the business reaches that point, it is necessary to reach out to a financial institution for a business loan.

In 2008, five Australian banks crashed. The financial sector remembered the tenth anniversary as a solemn reminder of what happens when things go wrong. It wasn’t the first time Australian financial institutions have gone broke. The 1890s also saw several financial institutions fail.

We offer a brief history of Australian bank crashes.

Banks, building societies, home loan providers, and credit unions lend funds to the country’s citizens. None remain immune to an overheated market. The 1970s saw a liquidity squeeze that led to credit unions closing their doors and going broke.

The 1970s also took down a few building societies, including Hindmarsh Building Society in South Australia. This society was financially sound. 

In 2021, the Reserve Bank of Australia sets monetary policy once a month. The representatives target a cash rate and interest rates move up or down accordingly. 

Mortgage House is a non-bank lending institution. In the Australian housing market, 10 banks hold the majority of outstanding mortgages. Mortgage House is among the institutions that customise home loan solutions for all Australians. Since 1986, we have helped Australians achieve their financial goals, including becoming homeowners.

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History of Australian Bank Crashes Conclusion

There is a history of Australian bank crashes that have taken down big players. Other lenders have come and gone too, including building societies, home loan providers, and credit unions. Mortgage House remains competitive and among the non-bank lending institutions. For more information, contact our loan specialists.

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