11 Mar 2021

Best Mortgage Rate: How To Attain the Best Home Loan Rate Tips

Best Mortgage Rate: How To Attain the Best Home Loan Rate Tips

The best mortgage rate is a combination of the applicant’s credit history and the market. Sometimes, the rate depends on market timing. Other times, the applicant has to make themselves as financially desirable as possible. The following are some tips to help you attain the best home loan rate.

Improve Your Credit Score

First and foremost, an applicant must become as financially desirable to a lender as possible. A stellar credit score and positive spending history trump market conditions. Starting the home buying process includes improving your credit score. Consider paying off outstanding debts and lowering monthly expenses.

A lender is in the business of lending money for a fee. They are also assessing risk. An applicant who is not high-risk is a desirable customer, which can be leveraged by the individual.

Shop Multiple Lenders

All lenders use proprietary technology and standards to evaluate applicants. Going through the pre-application process allows you to understand your current circumstances. Therefore, you are prepared to defend your credit-worthiness. The home buying process requires time. Shopping multiple lenders requires a larger time investment, but if you net the best rate, it is worth it. You may not meet one lender’s standards, but you could very well be an asset for another.

Lock in the Rate

Once you receive favourable mortgage terms and you think rates will increase, lock in the rate (rate lock fee to apply). Settlement takes anywhere between one week to a month. During that time frame, rates fluctuate. On the day you settle the deal, the rate could be different and higher.

Best Mortgage Rate Conclusion

Our Mortgage Home team is available to explore your best mortgage rate options. The financially fit attain the most favourable mortgage terms. If you are not there yet, we can help you improve your financial situation. Try our home loan interest rates calculator for free.

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