27 Apr 2021

Australian Property Development Basics

Property development can be a very lucrative investment. Not only do property developers help improve their communities by bringing in new businesses and stores, but they can make a steady income from rentals. 


That said, property development requires knowledge of local ordinances and needs. If you jump in without full understanding, you could face serious financial consequences. 


This short guide will give you the information you need to get started in Property Development. 


What is Property Development? 


Property developers cultivate spaces to meet the needs of the areas. They purchase land, construct buildings, and develop facilities. Property developers are responsible for putting together office buildings and storefronts to apartment complexes and even roads. 


What are the Benefits of Property Development?


Property developers put in a lot of hard work, so it’s natural that you would wonder about the benefits. The advantages in Property Development include: 


  1. Making Money – You can sell or rent out the properties you build for a profit. 


  1. Save Money – By working in bulk, you can earn substantial savings on your own projects. 


  1. Tax Benefits – Because state and local governments encourage land improvement, they’re willing to extend tax breaks to property developers. 


What are the Risks in Property Development? 


If no one wants the properties you’re developing, then you won’t reap the rewards. For that reason, it’s paramount that you understand the risks involved in Property Development. 


  1. Legal Entanglements –You need to understand local zoning requirements before securing loans and starting work. 


  1. Market Fluctuations – Ultimately, you’re developing properties to sell or rent. For that reason, you’ll want to make sure that you’re providing infrastructure that the community can support. 


  1. Financial Risks – If your properties don’t sell or rent, you’ll still be on the hook for the money you borrowed. 


Is Property Development Right For You? 

Mortgage House has tools for you to make the best decision about your future as a property developer. Use our loan calculators to determine how much you can borrow. And if you still have questions, our representatives are standing by. Contact us today!

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