09 May 2016

How to Adjust to Multigenerational Living

Overall, the past several decades have seen a decrease in multigenerational living arrangements.

Along with the commoditization of basic household needs over that time – the desire for privacy, independence and comfort led to a change in standard living practice. The typical living plan for young adults became to move out of the parents’ home and into their own arrangement as soon as possible.

But history repeats itself. As a result of our ageing society and increasingly expensive homes, multigenerational living is becoming the preference for a growing number of Australians who struggle to get into the property market.

If you’re thinking about moving into a multigenerational arrangement (so you can save up that deposit to purchase that dream home), there’s a few things you should consider.


The fact that different generations tend to have different views, living methods and preferences poses a unique set of challenges for people living in multigenerational arrangements.

Granted, communication is important in any living arrangement. But at least when housemates are of a similar age and at similar points in their lives, there’s a degree of consistency.

When grandpa’s retired, mum works full time and the first born is at uni, there can be drama if the situation is handled poorly. Regular conversation will be critical for ensuring everyone gets what they need.


Before going through with a multigenerational arrangement, there should be clear expectations agreed upon by all parties.

Multiple generations could mean differing income sources, physical capabilities and more. In a “traditional” arrangement, it’s assumed that everything can and should be split evenly. But in a multigenerational arrangement, there may be differences in capability when it comes to chores and bill payments.

Be sure to agree on who will do what, who will pay what, and everything else – before moving in.


In some cases, property alterations may be necessary. Some homes will have to be changed for liveability with enhancements such as recliner chairs, shower seats and stair lifts.

It’s also important to allocate a fair amount of space to each person, so that privacy is respected and preserved throughout the home.


It’s no secret that the property market is tough to get into for young Australians right now. It’s a hot topic across the board, and several politicians are weighing in with proposed solutions (some better than others).

Multigenerational living is a great option to consider because for young people, it’s a chance to save money – perhaps even enough money for a deposit on a new home of their own.

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