05 Aug 2021

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Mortgage House is one of Australia’s most awarded non-bank lenders. For over 30 years, we have provided our customers with super-low rate loans no matter their financial situation. As a lender, we can tailor our products to match what our customers need, and because we cut out the middleman, our rates are more competitive than those offered by traditional lenders. 


On average, our rates are between .2 and .4% cheaper than those offered by our competitors. While this difference may not seem like much, these small percentages could save you thousands throughout your loan period. If you want to know how much you can save over your loan period, you can use our online comparison tool and repayment calculator. 



Over our years in the mortgage and finance industries, we have been recognised for our commitment to providing low rates and superior value for our loan products. Some of our recent awards include:


  • “Outstanding Value 3-Star Rating for Advantage Fixed 1-Year 100-749k” loans from Canstar.
  • “Outstanding Value 5-Star Rating for Variable-Rate Owner-Occupied” Loans from Canstar.
  • “Outstanding Value 3-Star Rating for Inv. Advantage Fixed 1-Year 100-749k” loans from Canstar.


For over 30 years, our commitment at Mortgage House has been to provide low, affordable interest rates for all of our customers. We also believe it is crucial to find ways to encourage our customers to pay off their loans sooner, which can save them even more money. Homeownership is complicated and expensive. Mortgage House wants to help make the process easier, saving you money and making your investment worthwhile. 


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