20 May 2010

Your Health Is Your Wealth. Achieving Work/Life Balance

Your health is your wealth and achieving that work/life balance is more important than you may think. It can not only impact on your performance at work and affect your relationships, but it can also influence your health and well being.

There’s a whole country out there Take a break from the routine, discover something new and gain some lasting memories as well as some great  The people around you will appreciate it Take time to rediscover your friends, your family and most importantly yourself. Even your work colleagues will appreciate a more relaxed and chirpier you.

The world will keep turning even if you aren’t at work Around 40% of surveyed employees don’t take leave because they’re worried about their workload while they’re on holidays. But with a little bit of planning and some help from your employer, this problem can be easily avoided.

Being away from the office improves your productivity when you return

Well-rested employees are more likely to work better and have fewer accidents both inside the office and out. Plus, healthy, well-rested people are likely to be more efficient or not suffer from Mondayitis.

Finally, a cure!

Recharge your batteries

More frequent leave will see you gain more pleasure from taking a break, rather than merely recovering from fatigue.

A holiday lets you recover and come back as a new person.

Enjoy some job satisfaction

Avoid the stress related to exhaustion and burn out, and achieve greater job satisfaction and enjoyment as you approach your role in a refreshed state.

Get well soon

Achieving that work/life balance comes with improved physical and mental well-being. No one likes feeling run down and tired, so make sure you set aside time to re-charge.

Tourism Australia’s No Leave, No Life program aims to unlock Australia’s staggering 123 million days of stockpiled annual leave.

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