01 Jul 2021

Why Choose a Mortgage Broker Over a Bank?

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Choosing to work with a mortgage broker instead of applying directly with a bank can be beneficial in many ways. 


Benefits of choosing a mortgage broker

  • Mortgage brokers are experts in home loans. They also have an understanding of multiple lenders and their policies, allowing them to offer you a home loan with the best rates and one that fits your needs.
  • They will act as a liaison between you and all those involved in the lending process, including valuators, lenders, conveyances, etc. 
  • They will review your mortgage regularly to ensure you are still receiving the most competitive rates. 
  • They legally have to work in your best interest. Operating in your best interest means they have to offer you loans that fit your financial situation. 
  • They can apply on your behalf, ensuring the application is filled out correctly while also submitting all the required documentation. This allows for fast processing and quick approval of your application. 


Disadvantages of working with a bank

Applying directly with a bank, especially one you already have a relationship with, might not save you money on interest. 

  • Banks don’t have to work in your best interest. They can offer you loans that benefit them. 
  • Banks only know their own lending policies and loan options. The loan products they offer may not be competitive or may not fit your needs.
  • There may be delays in the approval process.


If you are looking for a mortgage broker to guide you through the lending process, call the experts at Mortgage House. Our brokers will be with you every step of the way, finding you a loan that fits your situation and offers competitive interest rates and beneficial features. 

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