06 May 2021

What Happens When My Property Goes Up in Value?

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Every single person who owns property hopes that it will go up in value. After all, most of us think of our houses and rentals as investments, and we want those investments to pay off. 


However, things can go wrong even when property values go up. A wise property owner considers all the factors when their values rise. 


Understanding Property Values


Just like everything else, property values are determined by the principles of supply and demand. If people want something, the demand goes up. If there’s more demand than there is supply, then the value of that supply rises. If people don’t want something, then there is less of a demand. If the supply is greater than the demand, then its value goes down. 


Although it’s impossible to create more land than is already on the earth, property supply and demand do fluctuate. In Australia, demand goes up and down according to the economy. If people cannot afford to buy or rent property, then there will be no demand for it. On the other hand, if people want to buy or rent in a popular area, then the demand raises and the value of that property with it. 

How To Ensure High Property Values


No one person can control the economy or demand, but you can purchase property that has a higher chance of going up in value. Here are a few things to keep in mind when getting property: 


  1. Consider the Location – If you’ve ever driven around a town, you’ll surely notice that some places are more desirable than others. Houses and buildings in those areas have higher demand, so the closer you can get to those places, the more valuable your property will be. 


  1. Look at Development – Unsurprisingly, local businesses and governments will continue to develop around the property. Take a look at those plans and consider the quality of the businesses coming in and how they will affect the area. Will they increase or decrease supply? 


  1. Size and Quality of the Property – Trends change, and economic desires will change with them. A more striking design may be popular in the short term, but it may soon look dated and no longer in demand. Conversely, a more conventional design will never hit the highs a fad allows, but it will be in demand much longer, ensuring that the values remain high. 


Property values can be a scary thing, but you don’t have to navigate them alone. Contact Mortgage House today to get answers to any of your questions. 


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