21 May 2021

What are Three Disadvantages of Buying a Home?

Buying a home offers several advantages such as the opportunity to begin building wealth. On the same note, homeownership doesn’t suit everyone. Homeownership is a 15 to 30-year financial, maintenance, and time commitment. Savvy home buyers know how to leverage their first home into other ventures, but a person simply seeking to keep a roof over their head might have different needs and ideas.

Let’s go over three disadvantages of buying a home.

Time Commitment

The traditional mortgage is 30 years long. The 15-year mortgage has gained steam among those who want a shorter-term home loan and can repay a higher monthly amount. Some individuals cannot make that time commitment because they relocate often or are unsure about where their career path will land them in the next five years. 


Purchasing a home means the end of relying on a property management team or landlord to take care of the maintenance repairs and costs. The more home you purchase, the more maintenance and repairs you’ll have to complete. You can always hire landscapers and repairmen to handle the tasks, but you’ll still oversee their work and pay them.

Monthly Repayment

In some cases, renting is cheaper than a monthly mortgage repayment amount. Keep in mind that you’re still paying rent. Plus, you’re building property equity for someone else. Nonetheless, renting is more convenient for some Australians.

Disadvantages of Buying a Home Conclusion

Whether you are seeking homeownership or interested in overcoming the disadvantages of buying a home, Mortgage House is available to address your concerns and answer your questions. To speak with one of our lending specialists, give us a call. You can also take our home loan calculator for a test drive.

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