08 Aug 2021

What Are Specialised Tools for Registered Branches?

Lenders that become registered branches for another lender receive several perks and privileges. Mortgage House registered branches, for example, receive access to the specialised tools our loan specialists use daily. Plus, they receive access to our competitive loan products.

Specialised tools for registered branches include proprietary software. This technology and processes make analysing every application efficient, seamless, and simple. The days of turning an applicant away for a lack of time stay in the past. It’s possible to find time and solutions now.

It’s possible to dig deeper into the application and find a solution that delivers a win-win scenario. Even though you’ll be working online, each application lives online safely and securely. The whole system remains protected. 

All tools are built with years of experience backing them up. Mortgage House opened its doors in 1986. We rank among the top non-bank lenders thanks to our innovative spirit. We continue to persevere and evolve with the market that continues to provide opportunities. 

Several of our Mortgage House tools, processes, and data lives online. We offer online banking features that allow clients to make payments, check their loan status, and make adjustments. It suggests complementary products that fit their life and financial stage.

Each registered branch counts on end-to-end support for both the branch and the applicant. 

Specialised Tools for Registered Branches Conclusion

Mortgage House registered branches receive access to specialised tools and other proprietary systems. They receive access to our competitive loan solutions and interest rates for their clients, including the business loan. For more information about partnering with us, give us a call.

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