08 Aug 2021

What are Some Creative Consolidation Options?

Market Leading Innovation: Offering Diverse Financial Products and Calculators

Individuals accrue debt for several reasons. A home purchase, car acquisition, and credit cards are some common debt examples. Eventually, each takes on a life of its own. Each debt has its own interest rate and due date. There will be a point when it makes sense to lump all the payments into one. 

There are several debt consolidation options available to individuals. After crunching the numbers, the result should lead to lower monthly repayments and a lower interest rate. 

Loan specialists at Mortgage House use innovative tools, such as the mortgage repayment calculator, to calculate the new loan amount. 

The most debt consolidation loan is the personal one. There are also credit card balance transfers, home equity loans, and home refinancing options to consider.

Financially adept clients might opt for an interest-only loan or variable rate loan with a fixed rate portion. The lending market has evolved that much in the last few years. 

To find the best option for your financial situation, our loan specialists go over your current debts. They take a look at the market rates and our loan products. Our tools do the rest of the work. Then the specialist completes one final review. We go over the results with you and reach a debt consolidation agreement.

Debt Consolidation Options Conclusion

There are creative debt consolidation options available to all Mortgage House clients and others. Our innovative tools and non-bank lending status affords us the freedom to find solutions others can’t find. For more information, contact our loan specialists.

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