24 May 2018

The Questions to Ask Your Real Estate Agent When Selling Your Property


Just as you would ask plenty of questions while buying your home, the selling process is no different. Selling a home is not something we do frequently and with regular changes in the property market, asking your real estate agent as many questions as possible will prepare and educate you about the process.

The important part is to know what questions to ask. We have listed five of the most frequently asked questions below to get home sellers started. A good agent is likely to address most of these concerns before you feel the need to ask them.

When is the best time to sell my home?

Spring may seem like the ideal time to sell but might not work for everyone. Each home seller’s situation is different, and you should discuss the timing of your home sale with your agent and get their advice.

What is the current state of the real estate market?

Your local agent is the best person to help you understand the condition of the local real estate market you’re in. For example, finding out what the average days on the market for properties on sale in your area are to get an indication of how quickly homes are selling.

How should I prepare my home for sale?

Making a good first impression on prospective buyers can make all the difference to the price you get for your home sale. The agent will be able to identify what the best parts of your property are to fix and spruce up to boost its value.

What do I need to disclose to potential buyers?

When selling a home, it’s important to fix any defects in your home before putting it on the market. Alternatively, be upfront and disclose to potential buyers any defects you know of. This will avoid possible issues like the defects showing up in a building inspection and the buyer pulling out at the last minute.

Should I price my home higher to leave room for negotiations?

As tempting as may seem, most buyers recognise value and an overpriced home will just deter potential buyers who may pass over your property and buy another one. The missed opportunities could delay your property sale and put you at a disadvantage.

When you’re selling your home, your local real estate agent can be your best ally with all their knowledge and support they can provide. Asking as many questions as you can think of will give you the best outcome with selling your home.

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