10 Jun 2016

How to Repair Pet Damage to the Home

We love our furry companions. Sometimes, after a long day of dealing with our human counterparts, it can be just what we need to come home to a playful greeting from a four-legged friend.

But as obedient as they might be, pets damage homes. Teeth and claws tend to leave their mark on the household, and as any cat owner will tell you: Hair gets EVERYWHERE.

And as cute as this might be to the owner, it can be quite problematic. If renting, the damage a pet can do can be enough to mean not getting your bond back (or even paying extra if it’s particularly bad).

That’s why it’s crucial to know how to clean up after your pets if you’re buying a new home and/or moving house. It’s also useful knowledge to have in case you ever put pet owners into your investment property to rent.

Here are some of the most common victims of pet wear and tear, and how to reverse the damage:


The familiar smell of a house pet, while welcoming and familiar to the owner, can linger in the carpet. If your pet was potty-trained in the home (or is maybe a bit rebellious), you might have a few stain issues on your hands as well.

To tackle the smell, move your furniture and give the house a thorough vacuuming. While you’re at it, put your cushion and couch covers, fabric blinds and other soft furnishings in the washing machine before letting them dry in the sun.

As for the stains: Sprinkle bi-carb soda over them, wait 15 minutes and then vacuum. Be careful before using a commercial cleaning product, since they can potentially damage the carpet.

Wood floors

Claws scratch wood. Even if your pet is well-behaved, your wooden floors are likely damaged in some spots.

Your best bet is to visit a hardware, hardwood or flooring specialist store. Take pictures of the damage with you. You’ll need to visit these spots to pick up the right materials for repair anyway, so you might as well ask for some expert advice while you’re there.

If your pet has left any particularly deep scratches, you’ll need to repair the floor with wood filler and a good sanding. If it comes to that, leave it until the pet is out of the house, as they’ll almost certainly damage the floor again.

Lawns and gardens

If you own a lawn, it’s probably taken the most damage of any surface. The lawn is where pets play with the kids, get physical and get dirty.

Luckily, in this instance, mother nature is on your side.

To repair dead or damaged grass, simply remove the patch with a shovel and discard it. Afterwards, add fresh soil and compost before re-seeding the area. If your move is a while away, you might want to get started on this early for a nice consistent lawn by moving time.

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