03 May 2021

Properties Close to Power Lines: 3 Things to Consider Before a Purchase

Lenders in Australia do finance properties close to power lines. It’s important to gauge the proximity to the power lines not because they pose a danger. Instead, it’s important to gauge the property’s resale value. Since lenders manage risk, they always position themselves a few steps ahead. You might decide to live in the home for 10 years instead of 30. If you have trouble selling the house, you might become discouraged.

As you view homes close to power lines, consider the following three things.

Type of Power Lines

If you look at power lines, most are similar. There are three types based on voltage. Low voltage lines muster up to 600 volts of power. High voltage lines aggregate between 69 to 155 kilovolts. These are the ones that pose the most risk if a storm or strong winds knock them down. As you explore the types of power lines installed near and over the property in question, remember that others are researching the information, too.

Evaluate the Property

Once you find out the types of power lines close to a house of interest, pay attention to their position.  Lenders see high voltage power lines hanging over properties as a risk. If they don’t hang over the property, lenders want to know how far away the power lines are in metres. 

If you have doubt, bringing in a professional to evaluate the property is a good step to take. Then, you’ll hand this information to the lender if you’re going to request financing.


It’s always a good idea to know a property’s value and quirks especially if you plan to procure financing. Properties near power lines might still garner 100% financing. Others may only receive 80% of the property’s value in financing if at all. At Mortgage House, we take into consideration the distance between the property’s boundaries and the power lines. Based on that information, we estimate potential loan terms. Then, you can use our online mortgage repayment calculator to estimate your monthly amount due.

Properties Close to Power Lines Conclusion

Properties close to power lines have different levels of risk. Completing your research before applying for financing paints a realistic picture and sets your expectations. Future value and resale potential are two things lenders consider. If this is the property you have your heart set on, gather as much information as possible and present it to your lender of choice.

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