11 Mar 2021

Pay Off My Mortgage Faster: 4 Actionable Tips to Consider

Pay Off My Mortgage Faster: 4 Actionable Tips to Consider

Most homeowners receive financing so they can purchase a house. Then, a few years into the mortgage, they start to wonder, “how can I pay off my mortgage faster?” Your home loan helps keep a roof over your head. After a few years, it feels like an opportunity cost. There are steps you can take to shave off a few payments. Here are some tips to consider.

Pay Off all loans with high interest rates.

Car loans, personal loan, store cards and credit cards generally attract higher interest rates. Pay them off faster by increasing your regular repayments or roll them into your low mortgage loan where possible. Your trusted  Mortgage House home loan consultant will be able to guide you, every step of the way.

Rent Out a Room

To pay off a mortgage quicker, think about getting creative. If there is a spare bedroom in your house, it is an opportunity to bring in extra rental income. Conduct a thorough background check, finding a responsible renter is possible or consult your local real estate agent.


Refinancing becomes an option for those who develop a positive payment history and build equity in their home. Refinancing only makes sense when the result is a savings. If everything works out in your favour, the move helps pay off the mortgage faster. 

Check for Fees

There are so many mortgage variations on the market, it is important to understand the details of your own. If you want to pay off your home loan early, you can, but double-check for fees. Some individuals come into a windfall of money such as an inheritance, which can be applied toward a mortgage. There still may be fees. If there are, weigh the pros and cons. Then, take action.

Pay Off My Mortgage Faster Conclusion

There are several ways to pay off my mortgage faster. Our Mortgage House team is ready to walk you through them including a refinance home loan. We assess your current home loan, financial situation and other details. Try our free, online switching mortgage calculator.

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