01 Sep 2010

Now there’s a way with your Will

Finding the last Will of a loved one can be a major challenge for many families. Upon the death of a person, survivors will immediately be faced with a number of confronting issues.

These issues are made more difficult to cope with when those survivors must also deal with emotional issues like the grieving process.

While 40% of Australians claim they have a Will, many of those same people are uncertain as to its location. Being able to register the location of a Will and other legal documents allows peace of mind that loved ones will be able to locate a Will and carry out the last wishes of the deceased. A solution to the problem of people losing their Wills and other important documents has been found with the release of The Will Registry. The Will Registry is a new online service which allows individual persons or businesses to register the location (but not the content) of their Wills and other important documents. The site does not hold any original documents. It is intended to identify only the location of your important documents.

We invite you to visit The Will Registry at www.thewillregistry.com.au to explore the range of services offered and the benefits of registration.

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