12 Dec 2003

Mortgage House with Breakthrough Technology

Mortgage House managing director Mr. Ken Sayer today announced the launch of Electronic Mortgage Management Systems version 2.0 (EMMS 2.0), a breakthrough technology that looks set to raise the industry standard for all home loan lenders to follow.

EMMS 2.0 has been developed by Forevision, the Mortgage House Group of Companies’ technology company. It has been designed to be a far more efficient system than previous, improving the home loan process and also incorporating sales functions, resulting in a seamless home loan process.

Mr. Sayer believes that the impressive new technology has the capacity to improve a company’s total home loan delivery, from the initial lead received right up to post-settlement home loan management.

“We anticipate great things from EMMS 2.0. People internally have been impressed with the system, outsiders have not seen anything of its kind,” said Mr. Sayer.

“It is a substantial development, and we have invested considerable talent, time and resources into getting it right. Now, lending managers will be able to process more new home loan business, our credit officers will deliver a more rapid turnaround and the staff in settlements will be able to draw down on home loans faster,” explained Mr. Sayer.

This will impact significantly on the customer, who will likewise reap the benefits as their home loan process will be faster and more effective.

“EMMS 2.0 will ultimately result in a better home loan customer experience and a far more fulfilling environment for all. It is our intention that EMMS 2.0 will set the industry standard for others to follow,” concluded Mr. Sayer.

The new computer technology will establish uniform procedures around borrower qualification, property details and home loan processing. This will allow Mortgage House Home Loan Lending Managers to achieve a consistent approach to Home loan applications and customer relationships, whilst preserving their ability to deal with the variances involved with satisfying individual customer needs.

The new system will not only benefit Mortgage House and its retail home loan clients but will also see greater benefits for the non-bank lender’s mortgage broker divisions, who will likewise be able to take advantage of the innovative system. EMMS 2.0 will allow mortgage brokers to be more informed about Mortgage House home loan products, therefore making them better equipped to support clients.

Mortgage House, one of Australia’s fastest growing non-bank home loan lenders, was established by Ken Sayer in 1998 and to date has over $2.5 billion of funds under management.

With offices across New South Wales, Victoria and Queensland, the Mortgage House network is undergoing rapid expansion by providing a wide range of financial products and real estate, as well as home loans. The company also has plans to move into financial planning.

Forevision is a Sydney-based technology company that caters to organisations in need of management, home loan workflow processes and customer-oriented strategic solutions. It was established in November 1999 and is owned by Global Mortgage Equity Corporation, Mortgage House’s Holding Company. Forevison’s client portfolio also includes Greater Union Cinemas, FB Rice & Co. and Festival Mushroom Records.

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