15 May 2021

How to Apply for a FHOG: Some Things to Keep in Mind

To apply for a First Home Owner Grant, Australians must check their eligibility. Plus, each territory has its own agency. This means that an applicant must look into the eligibility requirements for the territory of the home they intend to purchase, best to speak with your solicitor or conveyancer to confirm. Mortgage House will treat the grant as guaranteed cash applied to the purchase of a home or at the 1st progress payment where the purpose is for construction of your new dream home.

We help you find out how to apply for a FHOG based on territory eligibility requirements.

New South Wales, NSW

An Australian over the age of 18 years can apply for the FHOG in the NSW territory if it’s their first home, new, or building. A brand new home that no one has lived in qualifies, too. The house must be worth less than $750,000.

Northern Territory, NT

For homes located in NT, an Australian over the age of 18 years old qualifies. The new home is defined as one that has not been lived in or previously sold.

Queensland and South Australia

The Queensland territory offers an online tester. The applicant must be at least 18 years of age and an Australian citizen. The home must be completely new and not built by a family member. A home’s value cannot exceed $750,000. An applicant cannot be a prior homeowner. The grant’s requirements are the same for South Australia. 


The requirements for each territory don’t differ too much. The grant amount does a little more. In Victoria, an applicant under the same eligibility requirements as the other territories can receive a grant of up to $20,000. It’s also important to pay attention to the date. Victoria stipulates new homes signed from July 2017 through June 2021. 

Western Australia

In Western Australia, applicants can receive a one-time grant worth up to $10,000. The requirements are similar to the other territories. 

How to Apply for a FHOG Conclusion

How to apply for a FHOG is straightforward after ensuring that you meet the eligibility requirements. For more information about applying for the grants, contact our Mortgage House lending specialists who are knowledgeable in the subject and mortgage choice area.

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