30 Apr 2021

How Long Does it Take to Build a House in Australia?

If you wonder how long does it take to build a house, the answer is it depends. Industry professionals estimate that it takes between four to 12 months to build a house in Australia. The exact time varies because there are many moving parts. To help you gain a realistic perspective, let’s look at the stages of construction. Plus, we outline the factors that slow a build.

Site Preparation

Before the build starts, purchase the land. The site preparation follows. Soil testing, leveling, and removing obstructions are part of this stage. Professionals must ensure the site is healthy enough to live on before the base is laid down before construction can begin.


A crew builds the frame after the base is ready. Your home is in its bare bones in this stage. If you stop by the site at this point, you’ll see the walls, electrical conduits, and plumbing. The gutters, insulation, and roof follow next. 

Lock-up Stage

The construction crew installs the windows and doors during the lock-up stage. They install outstanding walls, too. The fit-out stage follows. Crews add amenities such as cabinets, electric cabling, and flooring. Anything you picked out for the interior is installed, too.


A home is complete when it’s time to paint and install the appliances. You’ll see it from the outside. A landscaping crew can spruce up the exterior, too. All these stages take time. Things have to dry and specialists must be scheduled. So, there’s some waiting in between each task and stage.

Factors that Impact the Timeline

The authorisation stage determines how soon the build can begin. As inconvenient as the red tape can be, it’s important. Weather plays a role, too. Construction crews can’t work in some conditions because it’s risky. Other times, the temperature slows down the drying process. 

A basic home is built much faster than one that has several bedrooms and floors. The right crew will move through any project at a fast pace, so be sure to hire wisely.

If you know what you want, get pre-approved for a mortgage, and keep a cool head on your shoulders, the house can be built within a reasonable timeframe. 

How Long Does it Take to Build a House Conclusion

It’s normal to wonder how long does it take to build a house? Remember that there are timeline factors out of your control. If you hire experienced crews, the process is more likely to travel smoothly. One important factor that doesn’t have to slow down the build is the financing. Our Mortgage House team works with clients like yourself. Give us a call. You can also use our free online tools such as the mortgage repayment calculator.

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