19 Mar 2021

Home Equity: Can I Use it As A Deposit to Purchase Another Property

Home Equity: Can I Use it As A Deposit to Purchase Another Property


Homeownership comes with its fair share of responsibilities, and it has perks, too. Building home equity is one of the perks. As you pay off the mortgage, the house is technically not an asset because you are in debt. But, on-time payments over a few years does build a financial reserve you can tap into down the line.  

How Does Property Equity Accrue?

A property builds equity over time. It is the difference between the outstanding mortgage amount and the home’s value. The less owed on the home, the higher the equity. A homeowner who holds the home outright has 100% equity at their disposal. There are individuals who are happy to sit on the potential funds. Others use it to pay for a child’s education, finance a business endeavour or start investing in real estate.

For example, an outstanding home loan amount is $400,000. The property, however, is currently valued at $500,000. The difference of $100,000 is the equity. 

Home values depend on market circumstances and other factors. Having a recent home valuation is a good move if you are interested in borrowing against the house. 

Using Equity as a Deposit

To use your property’s equity as a deposit, meet with one of our team members to discuss the details. You do have to go through the process. Generally, you can take out a credit line, loan or cash out. To determine the best option, our team explores your current financial situation and goals. You must understand that you are going to begin carrying the equivalent of two home loans. Plus, repayments on both loans begin immediately. If you plan to use the second property as a rental, give yourself enough time to find occupants. This helps offset a portion of your new total monthly repayment.

Home Equity Conclusion

Making your house work for you presents benefits. With some home equity, you can use it as a deposit to purchase a second property. Whether you turn it into an investment property or something else, our mortgage repayment calculator is useful. It helps you see your potential new monthly repayment. Our Mortgage House team helps get you closer toward your financial goals.


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